Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Beef Meximelt Recipe

 Beef Meximelt Recipe

Meximelts is my guilty pleasure. This meximelt beef recipe is super easy, super delicious, and way better than the drive-thru. Make hearty versions of your favorite nutriment reception for a wonderful lunch or dinner.


1 lb lean hamburger

(1 oz) taco sachet seasoning

1/2 cup of water

6 large flour tortillas

16 ounces of grated Mexican cheese mixture

1/2 cup Pico de Gallo salsa


1.In a large skillet, cook hamburger until lightly brown. Drain the oil then return to the pan.

2.Add water and taco seasoning. Crush the meat into fine crumbs.

3.Bring to a boil and simmer, 5 to 10 minutes, until crisp. Remove from fire.

4.Wrap the tortillas in wet paper towels and microwave for 15 to twenty seconds to melt them.

5.Fill each tortilla with meat, cheese, and pico de gallo. tuck away the top and roll it up sort of a burrito.

6.Wrap each meximelt in wet wipes and microwave for 15 seconds. (This will melt the cheese and provides the tortilla a light-weight , steamed quality)

7.Serve hot.