Friday, December 25, 2020

Special Fruit and Nut cake

 Special Fruit and Nut cake

Filled with fruit and nuts, this easy to bake and decorate cake is delicious and delightful . Special enough for a special day or party table.


200 g candied pineapple, dig small pieces (7oz)

200 g chopped dry apricots without soaking (7oz)

100 g candied cherries, cut in half (3½ oz)

100 g chopped candied rind (3½oz)

50 g of chopped ginger (2oz)

50 g roughly chopped pecans (2 oz)

50 g roughly chopped Brazil nuts (2 oz)

50g pistachios (2oz)

250 g light muscovado sugar (9 oz / 1 1/8 cups)

250 g soft butter (9oz)

4 eggs

280 g flour (10 oz / 2¼ cup)

80 g ground almonds (3 oz / ¾ cup)

100 ml of tropical fruit or fruit juice (4 fl oz / ~ ½ cup)


125 g powdered gold sugar (4 oz / ⅔ cup)

1 teaspoon treacle

100 ml water (4 fl oz / ~ ½ cup)

4 to five frozen pineapple slices

6 to eight dried, non-soaking apricots

6 to eight frozen cherries

a few pieces of candied rind

6 to 10 Brazil nuts

6 to 10 pecans

some pistachios


1.Prepare fruits and nuts as above. Preheat oven to 150/130 ℃ fan / gas. 2. Grease round cake pan.

2.Beat butter and sugar until pale and fluffy. Add eggs, beat well Add a touch flour if the dough starts to thicken.

3.Add flour, almond powder, and fruit crush . Then finally enter the fruit and nuts.

4.Stack the cake mixture on the prepared baking sheet and smooth the highest .

5.Bake during a preheated oven for two hours until golden brown and hard to the touch and therefore the skewer inserted within the center comes out clean.

6.Meanwhile, put the granulated sugar , syrup and water during a saucepan and warmth gently, stirring until the sugar dissolves. Bring it to a boil and still simmer for a couple of minutes until it becomes a syrup.

7.Remove from heat and add fruit for garnish. Let it soak when the cake is cooked and funky .

8.When the cake is completed , let it cool within the pan for about quarter-hour , then slowly transfer it to a wire rack until it cools completely.

9.After the cake has cooled, grease the highest of the cake with a touch syrup and arrange the fruit on top of the cake.